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Salty Dog Beard Company

Salty Dog Beard Company makes and sells Grooming Products for Men. Hand Crafted in Alberta, Canada and made with only High Quality All Natural ingredients. Some of their products include Beard Balm, Beard Cream, Moustache Wax, Beard Wash and Lip Balm. With all natural high quality ingredients, these grooming products are essential to any man's toolkit. Salty Dog is a preferred vendor here at BudCity and with that comes an extra guarantee on the Brand. Keep an eye out for deals on Salty Dog products throughout 2017.

Why should I use a Grooming Product in my Beard and/or Moustache?

That is a question asked by many men, usually followed by "I just let it do it's thing and shave it off when it gets annoying or my boss tells me to."
This does not have to be the case; your beard does not have to get, or be, annoying to you or anybody else. How? By keeping your Man-Mane ship-shape with a Quality Grooming Product and a little TLC to those follicles.
Every beard, from the 5 o-clock shadow to the 3 foot long Wizard, will benefit from a quality, tailored beard-grooming product.
Your facial hairs are quite different from the ones on your head; the hair is coarser and the skin is more sensitive; this combination has unique control and conditioning needs.
The all-natural ingredients in our products meet these unique requirements, nourishing the hair and skin so you look and feel your very best every day.
After only a short time of using our products you will find your beard hair will be softer and easier to manage, the itchiness will diminish and the “beardruff” will subside. The hair and follicle will be stronger and healthier, which can stimulate growth and help make your beard look thicker. Genetics will ultimately decide the length and thickness of your mane, however our products will help you get the most out of what nature gives you.
Beard long, and prosper.